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To The Moon And Back

Apollo City, paradise among the stars

Where once a first man set foot on the lunar surface now stands a gigantic metropolis, Apollo City. The city bathes in luxury and opulence but not everyone gets the chance to leave the overpopulated earth behind. Those who want to live on the moon need a visa and they are anything but cheap. Luxury goods still have to come from earth and the mail couriers that transport them to the moon make a lot of money! A fierce competition has broken out between them. They all want a visa, but only the very best will see that dream fulfilled.

Pick a character and take off!

In this game you take control of one of six characters. They all have a very good reason to start a new life on the moon. But of course, they are not alone. Only the one who collects sufficient money first gets the last visa, a coveted key to a brand new life. One thing's for sure though, the battle will get tough. May the best courier win!

Noah Amara

The explorer

Bruce Baker

The gold digger

Charlie Stapleton

The commander in chief

Flynn Cooper

The bounty hunter

Joe Canberra

The escaped prisoner

Juno Vertigo

The runaway princess

Use your ship to transport packages

At the start of the game each player gets a spaceship. It won't be much, but everyone has to start somewhere. Throughout the game five spaceships are available, each one a little stronger, faster and bigger than its predecessor. These are, of course, the most important tool to get as many packages to the moon as possible as quickly as possible. But beware, because no one is safe from other players.

Survive the ever changing

perils of outer space 

All the celestial objects you can visit are spinning around all the time. As a result, the game board changes every round and it is impossible to predict what will happen next. As if that wasn't enough, space still has a number of clever tricks up its sleeve. Police checks, solar storms and wormholes are just the tip of the iceberg. Only the very best survive here.

Use packages to destroy the competition

Whoever delivers parcels gets money, it's as simple as that. Isn't it? Packages can not only be delivered to the moon, but there is also a large black market in space. Here your parcels can bring in a lot more money, but it can also go very wrong. Whoever goes there does so entirely at their own risk. The danger can also come from much closer. You can also keep packages for yourself and use the items inside to give yourself an advantage and crush your opponents. Of course, they can do exactly the same to you! There are over 120 unique packages for you to discover in the game.



Time to play

1h30 - 2h

Number of players